2018 Finlayson Arm 100K Ultramarathon Race Report | “When everything goes exactly to plan”

We’ve sprung a leak

Wordy nerdy description of my flawless nutrition plan, and why losing this bottle kinda sucked.

The tabby that thinks he’s a tiger

Oops, miscalculated

Finding new goals

Coke’d up

Dead legs

  • While traversing the plateau of Jocelyn Hill I saw the first of the 50km runners (they were absolutely flying).
  • By the summit of Jocelyn Hill I made the phone call to my girlfriend to say “If you’re not already at the finish line, please delay a couple hours. This is going to take, literally, forever.”
  • About 20 minutes later my cheers of encouragement to the 50k runners had turned to a simple nod and grunt.
  • About 30 minutes after that the audible moans of pain that I’d been trying to muffle became audible moans of pain that I wanted everyone to hear.
  • An eternity later, the feeling that both my feet had been shattered joined in with the deafening pain in my quads.
  • After time ceased to have meaning, I still could not shake my confusion that no other 100k runner had yet to come past me.
  • Who knows how long later (plus the endless climb back up from the base of Holmes Peak) I arrived at Rowntree for the fourth, and final, time.








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